Property Rights

Property Rights

Intellectual and Commercial Property Rights

Spa Russo is the owner of the commercial establishment and holds the theoretical and practical knowledge of reception and management; that it invested and invests continuously in the improvement, strengthening and organization of the services provided to the consumer, constituted of qualities of its intellectual and commercial property;
Confidentiality and Confidentiality – it is the guarantee of the safeguarding of the information about our clients given in person in confidence and protection against their unauthorized disclosure;

All information, of a confidential nature, owned by Russo Spa, namely, information related to commercial management, personnel, advertising, marketing, merchandising, accounting, business practices, client portfolio, domain names, trademarks, logos, description of treatments . Not allowed to copy, resend, download.

For the violation of the provisions of the previous number 1, he will incur Civil Liability, establishing already a pecuniary compensation, as a penal clause.

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