Sauna Ritual with a massage of your choice

Sauna Ritual with a massage of your choice

In an atmosphere full of freshness and renewal, the Russian Ceremony in the heart of the sauna is an experience that awakens the senses. Each inhalation is infused with the aromas of the vapor, creating an environment of purification and invigoration.

Ritual begins with the tea ceremony and pleases your taste buds. The smell of herbs, wood and jungle begin to relax you.

The masseuse uses eucalyptus branches, saturated with steam, for delicate touches. These aromatic waves become part of each movement, generating a sensation that permeates body and soul.

This massage technique with eucalyptus branches is not just a physical relief, it is an immersion in the invigorating aromatic world. In the saunas of Nordic countries, indulge in a sublime experience: a eucalyptus massage amidst intense vapors. As the wood gently crackles, the space is permeated with the invigorating aroma of eucalyptus and mint that caresses the senses.

Each touch of the masseuse is like a gentle dance, where eucalyptus leaves are transformed into magic wands, releasing their therapeutic benefits with each movement. It is a sensorial journey where the enveloping heat, the fresh aroma and the crackle of wood intertwine, providing an escape into complete well-being. An experience that is a warm embrace of nature, renewing body and soul.

After the invigorating stage with eucalyptus inside the sauna, the ritual gently extends into a deeper relaxation phase. Here, the choice is yours between a sports massage, chiromassage, relaxation or sensual massage. Each designed to meet your specific needs.

Sports Massage:

This option is ideal for those looking for muscle revitalization. The masseuse, a specialist in the field, uses precise techniques to relieve tension and promote flexibility. Each movement is like a careful strategy to renew and energize the body.


Chiromassage, conducted by experienced hands, is a healing journey through touch. The masseuse, like a dedicated therapist, applies specific pressures to release blockages and restore balance. This is an experience that goes beyond the physical, reaching the deepest levels of relaxation.

Relaxation Massage:

If you are looking for a total commitment to well-being, a relaxation massage is the perfect choice. Each touch is as soft as a melody, creating a symphony of tranquility. The masseuse, like a guide of serenity, guides you to a state of complete calm and rest.

Sensual and Erotic Massage:

For those looking for a very sensual experience after the sauna, we can offer a very immersive massage:

After revitalizing in the sauna, you will enter into a unique experience of sensuality. The massage, delicately conducted, becomes such a romantic touch that it awakens the senses that have never visited your body until today. The environment is permeated with seduction, with precious oils that glide gently over the skin, creating a symphony of pleasure.

Each movement is like a caress, guided by the mastery of the masseur. The atmosphere is charged with sensual tension, while each touch intensifies the connection between body and soul. It is a journey of discovery, where sensuality is celebrated in a refined and irresistible way.

In this scenario, massage transcends the physical, becoming a sensorial experience that takes the person to a state of ecstasy. Every gesture is a promise of pleasure, a celebration of sensuality in its most refined form. Here you discover new dimensions of pleasure where time stops and physical boundaries disappear.

Each of these options prolongs the ritual, providing a unique experience of relaxation and preparation for undertaking new challenges and conquering new obstacles in life in a megacity.

Which one would you choose to complete this well-being scenario?

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