Sensual Massage with Vichy Shower and Foam in a Naturist Style

Sensual Massage with Vichy Shower and Foam in a Naturist Style

Indulge in a true ritual of wonderful summer pleasure to refresh your body.

Vichy Shower Massage is a miraculous offering of a rain of water that falls on the body, causing an absolute sensation of relaxation throughout the body, toning under pressure exerted by water jets combining with an extremely erotic massage technique alternating sedative and relaxing stimuli . Each movement synchronized with the massaged person’s breathing.

In a serene environment, each touch is a delicate dance between the therapist and the person being massaged that provides a very pleasant emotional state, while the therapist’s skilled hands glide with grace, creating a symphony of deep relaxation.

This sensual and calm massage technique on the mat, our guest rests as if in a cozy bed while a sublime massage unfolds. An aromatic foam, soft and silky, hugs the body like ethereal clouds, creating a sensation of heavenly envelopment. In this scenario, the rain of sensations, reminiscent of the refreshing falls of the Vichy Shower tropical rain, becomes an unlimited pleasure, enveloping two bodies in harmony. Each touch is a relaxing and welcoming symphony, transforming the mat into a stage where the art of massage intertwines with a unique sensory experience.

In this massage, the therapist uses not only her hands, but also other parts of the body, such as the breasts, buttocks, belly… to provide soft and sensual touches to the client. The idea is to create a more intense and intimate experience, promoting a deeper physical connection.

It is important to note that this practice must be carried out with mutual respect and consensus between the therapist and the client.

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