Chiromassage and Sports

Chiromassage and Sports

Chiromassage and Sports Massage are the art of loving touch and harmony, where the ability to guide your hands across the body becomes a dance of energy and relaxation.

Chiromassage aims to awaken the senses, as if touching invisible strings of internal well-being.
It is a delicate symphony for the senses, where skilled hands choreograph a dance of tranquility, triggering a cascade of relaxation that resonates deeply. It’s a journey into serenity, where each touch is a poetic brush, painting a canvas of calm throughout your body and soul.

Sports massage is not just a technique, but a symphony of movements aimed at recovering and strengthening body harmony, like an inspiring chord for an active lifestyle.
Sports Massage, on the other hand, is a dynamic harmony of invigorating movements, a personalized performance aimed at restoring and strengthening your body. It is the rhythmic cadence of skilled hands, carving resilience and revitalization into every muscle, promoting a sense of vitality that echoes through your physical being.


I had a miraculous sedative effect. I slept like a child ????

I highly recommend the services at Spa Russo, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Spa in Lisbon.
I arrived with a sore back and heavy legs and left feeling like new, in great spirits. Very clean space, super relaxed atmosphere, professional therapists with ten stars. I will come back.

From: NistOL

Both techniques made with heated precious oil to promote deep relaxation. If you prefer, we can use hot wheat sachets together with specific creams.
(those who have neuromuscular pain) to obtain immediate results.

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