Sauna with Herbal Massage

Sauna with Herbal Massage

In Portugal, inspired by the rituals of Nordic countries, we created a unique sauna experience.

We start with a ritual with a tea ceremony and then a massage where aromatic herbs are used to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

 Massage with steamed eucalyptus branches in the sauna promotes well-being, stimulating blood circulation and relaxing muscles.

This process stimulates the elimination of toxins and promotes the body’s overall health. When the body warms up, metabolism increases and skin elasticity improves. Clients notice a feeling of refreshment and lightness after a sauna with Steamed Eucalyptus Ceremony.

In the Russian sauna, immerse yourself in a wonderful experience: a massage with eucalyptus branches involves a cozy atmosphere of steam with an incredible aroma. As the wood gently crackles, the refreshing scent of eucalyptus fills the air, like an aromatic symphony to caress the senses.

Each touch from the therapist is like a gentle dance, where the eucalyptus leaves transform into magic wands, releasing their therapeutic properties with each movement. It is a sensory journey where heat, the fresh aroma and the crackle of wood intertwine to provide a refuge of total well-being.

An experience that is like a warm embrace of nature, renewing body and soul.

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