The Massage secrets

The Massage secrets

The effectiveness of massage depends mainly on the therapist or masseur who applies it, depends on the experience and knowledge you have about this activity. Focusing primarily on touch, pressure on key points in the body, no matter the type of massage, but the important thing is the well-being and relaxation effect caused by the massage therapist.

The masseurs at the Russo Spa are selected for quality. Each collaborator is trained in the area of massage with wisdom in anatomy, physiology and psychology in order to serve a more demanding client.

Sensual Massages
Discover the magic of your own body. In this world for many people the massage is the means to receive pleasure and relax. Some techniques of healing and healthy touches can also be with intense sensuality.
Based on the human needs of pampering the body of the nearest person, erotic massage is the path or pathway to a world of erotic pleasures unknown to date. This massage can serve as a way to discover new feelings, more varied than you had felt before.

Are you tired or depressed? Erotic massage helps to unlock energy and aims to renew sensations. This massage will make the relaxation effect on the muscular part and gradually increase intensity of feelings until you get extreme. Your potential will be revealed through slow and loving movements to receive delicious sensations.

Can I touch the therapist?
Your pleasure depends a lot on your behavior during massage. It is natural that erotic massage has limits of decency. If the massage is going to be too annoying, the masseur instead of thinking about his pleasure will be worried about fighting with you. And for this you will not be able to pamper him with loving movements. Remember you came for erotic massage to relax and get pleasure. Do not disturb the massage therapist because it will be detrimental to your relaxation and pleasure.

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