Emperor Ritual

Emperor Ritual

Still prevailing today with all of their historical singularities, baths originated in the Roman Empire, persisted into the Byzantine era and finally reached their peak during the Seleucid and Ottoman periods. In the Ottoman concept of bath vocabulary translated into the word “Hamam”, and with its common usage “Turkish Bath”.

At the root of this ceremony, we find the ancestral wisdom of Anatolian authors, autonomous women whose traditions have been transmitted through the ages. Originally from this region rich in culture and mysteries, these women were guardians of practices that transcend time, creating rituals of care and well-being that resonate to this day.

Upon entering HAMAM, each visit is a tribute to this cultural heritage. Each stage of the ritual, from the foam massage in the Turkish bath with exfoliation, to the various treatments followed, which our guests will discover, carries with it the echoes of this rich tradition, providing an experience that is not only relaxing, but a journey into the time, connecting the present to the ancestry of Ottoman times.

The Turkish bath, known as a hammam, offers a unique sensory experience, immersing the senses in an atmosphere of indulgence and romanticism. The massage performed in this context is a ritual that transcends the limits of the physical, exploring the sensorial world in an intensely engaging way.

At the beginning of the ritual you will please your taste buds with tea carefully prepared for you.

The softness of the light filtered through the vapors, the soft music that floats in the air and the cozy texture of the silky foam create the perfect setting. Each touch of the massage is performed with slow and affectionate movements, like a fluid dance, awakening not only the body, but also the deepest emotions.

The sensual massage technique in the Turkish bath is like a symphony of touches, an embrace that caresses the skin and soothes the soul. The masseuse explores body movements that cause an explosion of sensations, taking the massaged person to a state of sublime pleasure.

It is an experience that transcends the ordinary, transforming the process of this stage of the Emperor Ritual into an artistic expression, immersing both, masseuse and massaged, in a world where the senses are awakened and emotions are explored in an intimate and intense way. This is the unique charm of a Turkish bath massage, a sensorial journey that goes beyond the physical, connecting hearts and souls in a moment of pure ecstasy.

Afterwards, leaving the Turkish bath, the guest is accommodated on a marble platform (heated in winter) with comfortable mattresses. The masseur’s body moves like a symphony, guided by the art of touch, gently exploring lines and contours, like a painter searching for the perfect canvas. As it travels over the massaged person’s body, a landscape of feelings is created that goes beyond the limits of the physical.

In this meeting, both become narrators of a unique story. The therapist applies perfect and unique massage techniques, is like a writer who sketches scenes of pleasure and relaxation. At the same time, the person who is enjoying, imagining and feeling, is the protagonist of this sensorial plot, where each touch is a chapter of ecstasy.
Every moment is a promise of ecstasy, an experience that touches the most intimate corners of emotion. It is a moving narrative, where the massage on the marble platform becomes an emotional work of art, a declaration of passion between hands and bodies that dance in a romantic choreography.

In the final stage of this ritual, immersion in the warm water of the jacuzzi is more than just a bath; it is a dive into emotional feelings that transform this experience into a romantic involvement.

The soft foam, like eternal hugs, caresses submerged bodies, creating a cozy and intimate sensation. The water, being a silent witness, becomes the perfect setting for an exchange of emotionally charged looks.

The music that resonates in the environment is the soundtrack to this romantic scene, while the bodies move in tune. Each bubble is a note in the symphony of relaxation, a liquid caress that intensifies the connection between the two.

This moment in the water transcends the physical, becoming an experience that unfolds in the deepest corners of emotion. It is a bath of passion and surrender, a magical ceremony that entwines hearts and culminates in this romantic story that is the Emperor Ritual of HAMAM.

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