Immersion Baths

Immersion Baths

Embark on an enchanting journey with our immersion baths.

Experience the indulgence of a bath with the special touch of Dead Sea salt. Each crystal from this gift of nature envelops you in a mineral caress that not only caresses the skin, but also restores the body’s vitality. It is a bath that goes beyond luxury, it is a healing experience that sets the stage for a journey of relaxation and renewal.

Now, let’s embark on a sensory discovery with eucalyptus pindas. Immersed in water, these aromatic pouches release a symphony of vapors that elevates the experience to new heights. Recovers physical well-being and immune system.

When introducing the menthol bath, a refreshing wave runs through the body, providing a feeling of relief and invigoration on an extremely hot day.

Aromatic foam bath, enriched with the fragrance of essential oils, turns into a romantic experience, where each bubble of foam is a note in a relaxing melody.

A cloud of softness, where the enveloping fragrance awakens the senses, preparing the ground for a bath of pleasure and relaxation.

It is a dive into extreme feelings, where crazy desires intertwine with immense pleasure, sublimely completing any massage or ritual chosen in our SPA.

The separation of these elements offers a unique experience, allowing each component to play its distinct role in the celebration of well-being.

These baths go beyond the physical, it is an experience that transcends the ordinary, expanding feelings and immersing you in a world of ecstasy and indulgence.

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